Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bunny Bunny Pt. II: Hare from Hell

This photo made possible by a ZOOM lens

Technically the she-devil is not a hare, but the alliteration was too good to pass up. So...if you've been keeping up (and I know you have), you will know that Bunny Bunny is now a part of our family--a hissing, biting, evil-in-a-spawn-of-satan-sorta-way family member. Yep, the cute, cuddly ball of fur that was handed to me two days ago has morphed into a set of very sharp teeth, back legs that pack a punch, and eyes that burn holes in you. And have I mentioned the pungent nature of rabbit urine or that she doesn't sleep? A little amateur sleuthing via the web has revealed that bunnies are prone to attachment disorders far more often than one would think (and since I NEVER thought about it, 'far more often' is a safe bet). So while the little darling adjusts to her new digs, feeding and cage cleaning time will most certainly continue to be a nightmare gone bad on the level of Harvey with an axe to grind. Putting a hand in the cage for any reason is a kami-kazi mission, as she now attacks anything she can reach (I mentioned the sharp teeth, right?). I've stocked up on gardening gloves and neosporin and have been conning Michael into doing rabbit duty while my current wounds heal. How long DO attachment disorders last?? Hey Ann, thanks for the bunny...hope your move to Texas is real swell. ;P

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