Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 2, 2008

Flags Mike put on the front porch today for 4th of July

What a day...we took Kaeleigh to her father's, but not before stopping off to spend her hard earned (think Tooth Fairy) cash. If you've never shopped with a six year old, you're missing an experience that I can liken only to having your teeth drilled--without the Novocain. She flitted from Barbie to Littlest Pet Shop; from Polly Pocket to My Little Pony. Now she only had $16 in her ceramic piggy bank, which incidentally was clutched in her little hands as she perused the aisles. Everything she picked up, however, was at least $25, and while this was supposed to be an exercise in teaching the princess how to save and spend wisely, after a half hour I was agreeing to pitch in the extra cash (hell, if she had pushed, I would have probably paid for the whole thing). She finally settled on the very FIRST thing we looked at (a virtual pet on a keychain, overpriced btw, and frankly, I just don't GET these things...), and we wove our way to the front of the store. ONE register was open, and my daughter had five ones, ten dollars in quarters, and then whatever I was going to throw into the pot to cover the cost. "Kaeleigh, I'll pay the woman, and you can then give me what's in your piggy bank when you come back from daddy's." Reasonable, right? Yeah, unless you're SIX. She pitched a fit I've only seen from the likes of Britany Spears. So...imagine one register, one harried checkout girl, a long line, and a six year old diva counting quarters--one at a time. Yeah. To say the least, we weren't popular with the ten or so people BEHIND us. We did, however, manage to escape with only my patience lost. Anyone want to rent a six year old? ;)

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