Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 3, 2008

A squirrel under the trees in front of our house
Living in the country has its perks. I mean, you don't have to worry (so much) about being mugged when you walk out your door; your car insurance is lower (I guess 'cause there are less, you know, car jackings and such); and the WILDLIFE! Oh the wildlife! In Pittsburgh, we'd see the occasional wayward deer or wild turkey, and then of course there were the city squirrels (damn mean little beasts)--but here, well even the SQUIRRELS are different! I can remember once, living in the Brookline area of the city, there was a local squirrel who had taken up residence in the 100 ft. pine tree near my driveway. I thought he was adorable and would occasionally leave him peanuts as a token of my appreciation for him deciding to "share the space." One day, however, I came home to find him perched on the end of a pine branch. I got out of my car, expecting him to bolt, but NO. This evil spawn of satan (did I mention he was the size of a small cat?) sat on that branch and bared his teeth--no lie. I was terrified. I raced back to the car, grabbed my cell and called the neighbor. As soon as the neighbor emerged from his home, the feline-sized weasel rodent ran for the treetops, and, of course, I became the laughing stock of the neighborhood. Here in the country, however, the squirrels appear to know their place (and stay a respectable size). They stay in the treetops (except to visit our squirrel feeder), are sufficiently nervous when humans are about, and have squirmishes with the bluejays. As it should be. I always thought I was a city girl, but I'm fairly sure that now I am, officially, a convert.

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