Friday, July 11, 2008

Just Say No....Pffft.

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Ann called to say she and the family (three dogs, four kids, a bunny and a lovebird) were moving--upping stakes and leaving good old PA. Now this didn't come as a shock to me, as she has had a rough go of it here (Ok, translate that to "she hates PA"), but I was very sad nonetheless. In a valiant effort to eradicate any memories that she might inadvertently leave with, she offered us a freezer, a brand new bed and several other household items that she had purchased a year ago when she first ventured into the state. We'd been looking for a new freezer, an extra bed is always handy, and the neighbor has a truck--so today, off we went. Things were going GREAT until...well, until she herded me into the living room.

"This is Bunny Bunny," she said, leaning towards a cage the size of a small car. "Come and look! She's a dwarf lionhead rabbit."

I ventured closer to the cage, inside which was a creature that looked like a cross between a rabbit and something the cat choked up. "Nice."

At this point, she lifted Bunny Bunny from her cage and handed her to me. "Isn't she CUTE?"

"Adorable," I said, handing her back.

"Misty, please," she suddenly pleaded, "take Bunny Bunny."

From there she proceeded to detail the horrors of travelling by car to their new home (a 21 hour drive) with four kids, three dogs, one rabbit and a bird. I could feel myself beginning to crack. I mean, the thing WAS cute.

"Ask Mike," I said, certain beyond a shadow of a doubt he would say NO.

When she was able to corner Michael, she handed Bunny Bunny to him. I knew immediately I was sunk. He caved like a bad souffle.

And so my friends, tonight Bunny Bunny is sleeping peacefully in my six year old daughter's bedroom--next to the angora guinea pig's cage--high enough to discourage the cat, and out of reach of the dog. I called to tell my sister about the new addition. "Mist," she said, "what part of the 'no pets' clause in that lease confused you?" I'm crossing my fingers and hoping the landlord has a sense of humor.

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