Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Man of Many Talents

My Husband: the Hummingbird Whisperer

When you marry, you know in your heart that you will inevitably discover things about your spouse as the years pass. Sometimes you learn the nasty little habits--maybe he cuts his toenails in the living room and leaves them on the carpet; maybe he scratches his bum when he thinks no one is looking; or maybe he combs his chesthair. Whatever the case, the "uncovering" process is often one that involves mutual trust, admiration and an understanding that no one is perfect. With all that said, today I found out something about Michael. Something...well, weird (and I say that with all the love and emotion of a newlywed). Michael can summon hummingbirds. I swear. And now for the explanation.

As many know, Michael and I are living in what many would consider "the cut"--the 'burbs; rural America; the country. As residents of such, we have lots of "wildlife." The bluejays come every morning for their peanut breakfast; the cardinals wait them out and scout for leftovers; and the squirrels scamper about for whatever they can scrounge from the feeders. We also have a hummingbird. Until today, it would come and go randomly, hover for a few seconds and fly quickly for the cover of the neighboring wooded lot. Today, however...today was "different." Michael jokingly did his impression of a hummingbird-flapping his arms about and buzzing his lips. I was mildly amused, though I gave him the "grow up" look. Now no word of a lie, within minutes, there was a hummingbird at the feeder, scouting the area. He/she didn't stay long, and again raced for the woods. With a little urging, Michael repeated the sound...and minutes later, back came the bird. He repeated this exercise three or four times, and each imitation brought with it a visit from our avian friend.

And so I offer these photos of our new best buddy--a thoroughly confused hummingbird being forced to believe he needs to defend his territory. But seriously, you have to love a man willing to make a complete fool of himself in order to get some great pics. Thanks baby...can't wait to unveil this "talent" to the family!

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Michael (the real one) said...

Ok, I have been quiet thus far with respect to the daily "tongue in cheek" entries by my wife....However, although the details of this item are indeed correct, and no-one is as surprised as me of this new found "talent", i need to add a little something about the opening pic on this blog.
ITS NOT ME !!!!.....An imposter bearing small resemblance to me obviously graced our patio, sat in my chair and proceeded to pose in a fashion that was obviously instructed by my wife....Pfft, after all, the guy is old, has grey hair and a balding head...I mean!!!
Watch out for future blogs, as i'm tempted to offer a reward for the offenders arrest, but until then, a message for wifey.
You like my hummingbird impression?....wait until i show you the elephant *winks*.