Friday, November 7, 2008

My Baby....

Last night, I had to face a little reality (something of which I'm not very For seven years, I have trotted my sweet princess to dance classes, cheerleading school and piano lessons. I have watched her attempt gymnastics, struggle to "get" her cartwheel, and attempt to look and behave like the graceful swan I had convinced her to be. Last night, however, my diva, my forever-in-pink ballerina, my glitter and sequined cheerleader--last night, she went to her first karate lesson. I watched her in a small pack of hyperactive boys, all dressed in their white ghis with barefeet and wild smiles, kicking and punching, and I realized that she finally seemed to be in her element. She had already sworn off the "girlie" activities, and in spite of my belabored attempts to get her back to the "rah rah" squad, she insisted on taekwondo. At first, I resisted. I mean, she could get HURT right? But she was persistent, and last night I was glad she was. I was so proud of her as she gazed attentively at the instructor, waiting to learn--WANTING to learn. She called the head master "sir" and bowed at all the right times. She even looked distainfully at the boys as they raced about instead of paying attention. I couldn't be more proud! I will, however, tell you a little secret--I'm keeping her ballet slippers in a back drawer; just in case. ;)

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