Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who Says I'm High Drama?

OK, so yesterday, I'm leaning back in a wheeled chair at work, counting down the last half hour 'til dismissal. Life was good--it was warm, nice breeze. Suddenly, I was flat on my back on the hardwood floor with blood pooling around my head. Yep--all those teachers who said, "Don't lean back in that chair or you'll end up on the floor" were absolutely right. Life's most embarrassing moment occurred as I lay there seeing stars and catching my breath: "Don't let me die here in this building--please drag me out front!" , followed closely by the screaming hysteria when I saw the blood--on par with one of our security guards trying to tell me to stop panicking between his giggles as I lay there pleading to die on the front lawn.   A lagging third would be when I refused to allow the ER doctor to use lidocaine to numb the wound before stapling. They were forced to dermabond me and my hair. Yeah, sometimes being me is just one amusement park after the nex

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