Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Wild Ride! Courier (Freelancer Book 1) by Terry Irving

just finished this novel and although I'm still a little breathless at the whirlwind finish, I wanted to pen this review "in the heat of the moment". First, this novel takes place in the 1970s, as the war that divided our nation was nearing its final stages in a pyrotechnic Vietnamese version of "shock and awe". B-52s were buzzing low over Hanoi, and American boys were coming home either in boxes or with PTSD that was in some cases still being referred to as "shell shock". If you think you know why this war ended, and what Tricky Dicky was really doing in those final months, this novel may just leave you with conspiracy theories that rival those surrounding 9-11. Rick Putnam, the Courier, is a vet who suffers his own version of PTSD, haunted in his nightmares by the nightmare he lived in Ia Drang (a little research may help the reader to better understand the references to Ia Drang). He is working for a service that couriers film for a major news agency via motorcycles and rides with the wreckless abandon of a man trying desperately to outrun his ghosts. One evening, a simple job inadvertently leads him to discover a horrifying secret that could rock the entire nation. A government-sponsored "silencer" is sent to make sure the secret is kept and acts as the antagonist, as the reader is led through the streets of Washington on a dance that is described in such vivid detail that one can almost feel the wind in his face. The result is a fast-paced action/suspense novel that most certainly had me on the edge of my seat. Irving masterfully weaves threads of history into his story tapestry, leaving the reader to wonder where the truth ends and fiction begins. His knowledge of motorcycles, history and the human psyche are glaringly evident. A word of warning--as Irving begins, it takes him a few chapters to get warmed up. Some of the details offered at times seem tedious, but paying close attention to those details results in a huge payoff as the novel climaxes and draws to a close. Once Irving hits his stride, however, the pages turn quickly as the plot unwinds in a tangled web of lies, deception and betrayal. I am truly looking forward to the sequel!

Click here to read this one--you won't regret it

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